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RightOnTrek Helps Neighbors in Need

This month, we looked around our own neighborhood to see what we could do to help those who are hurting from homelessness and joblessness, or are unsure where their next meal will come from. We dug into our back stock and identified healthy, filling, meals and snacks we could give away to help get some of our neighbors back on their feet.

So, on July 2nd we loaded everything up and delivered over $2000.00 with of delicious, healthy meals and snacks to the Alameda County Food Bank. Check them out here:

We're honored to do our part to help serve their mission. They believe that, "Food is a Basic Human Right." Consider chipping in a few dollars on their website to help folks in the San Francisco Bay Area stay healthy and fed. Every $1 you donate helps provide $7 worth of food.



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