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Internet Hiking Groups Offer Real World Support, Friendship, & a Trail Squad You Identify With!

The backcountry is a magical place, filled with natural wonders, wild animals, and unique challenges that test your physical, emotional, and mental capacities. For some of us it’s exciting, while for others, planning an excursion into the backcountry can be intimidating. Our minds run wild with questions about food, gear, safety, planning, and navigating. And sometimes a little extra support is all we need to take the plunge.

A first hike comes in so many different ways. Plenty of people have family members or friends that get them out onto the trail for the first time, which can make their transition into an outdoorsy person seem natural, or at least, less like starting from scratch.

But what if, like so many, you ARE starting from scratch? Where do you start?

No matter who you are, there is room in the outdoors for everyone, of every style, creed, and personality - and at this point there’s pretty much guaranteed to be a group out there that is willing to help you take those first steps and provide you with encouragement, love, and guidance. Finding your trail squad can also help you with concerns about safety and put you in a more comfortable place on your first adventures.

While Facebook and social media are huge platforms for hiking groups, we highly suggest checking out MeetUp, Reddit, trail associations, or just even just doing a google search for hiking clubs in your area! Below we’ll list a few hiking groups that cater to and advocate for all different types of people.

Group of hikers making their way across a grassy knoll in remote northern Alaska.

At the end of the day, it’s our goal to empower people to feel comfortable and confident in nature, and to encourage anyone and everyone to get out there! So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, need help finding a local group, or just want to chat. We’re here for you!


Some of Our Favorite Hiking Groups:

All Women, All Trails

Facebook Group for women hikers of all skills and abilities

American Hiking Society

Organization focused on empowering everyone to enjoy hiking

Backcountry Meal Planning for Thru-hikers

Facebook Group for learning about meal planning for long distance hikes

Backpacker Travel Guide

Facebook Group for anyone interested in backpacking and traveling

Backpacking Gear Flea Market

Facebook Group to buy/sell/trade backpacking gear - it’s a great resource for assembling your first backpacking kit

Backpacking & Hiking Gear Deals with Outdoor Education

Facebook Group that helps hikers with educational topics and resources to find quality gear at a discount

Backpacking for Beginners

Facebook Group for those who are just starting out

Backpacking Talk & Swap

Facebook Group to talk backpacking and trade gear

Backpacking with Babies and Kids

Facebook Group for parents

Colour the Trails

Organization & Facebook Group inspiring BIPOC and LGBTQ+ to pursue outdoor activities

DIY Backpacking Gear

Facebook Group for making your own gear (or learning how!)

50+ Hiking and Backpacking

Facebook Group for active, middle aged people

Hiking, Camping & Backpacking Gear Talk

Facebook Group for learning about and discussing all things gear

Hikers Hangout

Facebook Group for novices to experts to talk about anything hiking related

Hiking with Dogs

Facebook Group for any and all things hiking and dogs

I Love Trails

Facebook Group for anyone who loves the outdoors

Ladies of the JMT

Facebook Group for women of all experience levels to discuss the John Muir Trail

Latino Outdoors

Organization advocating for representation of the Latinx community in the outdoors

Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

Nonprofit organization that teaches about minimizing impact while recreating outdoors

Let’s Trek: Hiking and Camping Tips and Tricks for ALL

Facebook Group that shares all sorts of cool backpacking knowledge

LGBTQ+ Hiking Groups Groups for LGBTQ+ hikers in locations across the world

Meals for the trails… it's not just nuts and berries anymore

Facebook Group to share recipes and ideas for eating well on the trail

Native Women’s Wilderness

Nonprofit connecting Indigenous Women to their ancestral lands

No Barriers USA

Nonprofit & Facebook Group advocating outdoor accessibility for veterans and those with diverse abilities

Northern Michigan Hiking, Backpacking, & Kayaking

Facebook Group that discusses and plans trips throughout Northern Michigan

Outdoor Afro

Facebook & networking group inspiring Black connections to the outdoors

Outdoor Asian

Nonprofit advocating for the Asian & Pacific Islander outdoor community

Plus Sized Hikers

Facebook Group for like-minded and bodied individuals

Queer Nature

Organization that offers nature based programming for those who identify as LGBTQ2SIA+

She Explores

Podcast & Facebook Group for amplifying women’s voices in the outdoor industry

Single Hikers Connection

Facebook Group for hikers that are looking for that special someone

Solo Female Hikers & Adventurers

Facebook Group for women who hike alone (or want to!)

Tarheel State Hangers

Facebook Group for backpackers and hammock enthusiasts in North Carolina

Travelers of the U.S. National Parks

Facebook Group for organizing trips to explore U.S. National Parks

Ultralight Backpacking

Facebook Group for anyone wanting to pack lighter

Veterans Expeditions

Nonprofit & Facebook Group supporting diverse veterans

Women 50 & Up Ohio Hiking Group Group in Ohio for women 50+


Are you part of one of these groups, think we missed one, or have your own group that helps people get into the outdoors? We'd love to learn more about your experiences with internet hiking groups and build upon our list! Leave a comment below or email


This blog was written and researched by Carrie & Steven:

Carrie is the Director of Business Development at RightOnTrek, when she is not on the trail, she can be found jamming out to music, hanging out with friends and taking in the sights and sounds of Chicago.

Steven lives in Portland, OR and is the Head of Wilderness Data and Community for RightOnTrek. When he’s not hiking, biking, or snowboarding in the Cascades, you can catch him eating a sushi burrito and drinking a beer at one of Portland’s food truck pods.



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