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  • Matthew Novak

The New American Perimeter Trail Will Be the Longest Hiking Route in the U.S.

Have you ever dreamed of hiking the famed Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails? Maybe you've already done one, and now you're considering what it would look like to do the other and are now considering making it a triple crown by also completing the three thousand and some odd miles of the continental divide trail. If all of this gets your backpacking brain firing on all cylinders, then you'll be more than stoked to read about Rue McKenrick and his new project: The American Perimeter Trail.

The trail, in its early scouting stages, will be 12,000 miles (no, we didn't add an extra digit, its 12k miles.) McKenrick is currently connecting the PCT to the AT and plans to head home by traveling west along the US-Canada border. Get all the details in the article first reported on



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