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  • Stephen Gibson

Adventure Has a New Head Chef. RightOnTrek’s Adventure Meals Are Now Available!

It’s with great excitement that we announce RightOnTrek’s Adventure Meals are now available and ready for purchase! This is the culmination of years of work by a tightly knit group of dedicated backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts. It’s time to eat in style with the most delicious dishes you can find for your next backpacking trip.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals

Our carefully prepared meals are made by top backpacking chefs and don’t sacrifice enjoyment for convenience. RightOnTrek Meals are ready in 10 minutes and can be cooked with any camping stove. We include as many gourmet ingredients as will fit in a tightly packed bag so you can truly enjoy your dining experience on the trail.

At just $1 per 100 calories we’re easy on your budget. A 2,000 calorie/day diet is just $20/day. This gets you what could be the most delicious cuisine you’ve had while backpacking.

Between now and Feb 28th we’re offering 50% off! We're selling out fast so don't wait to get your first RightOnTrek Meal Plan - the new way to plan your backpacking meals.

Try it out here and use code Welcome2Meals at checkout.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meal Planner

Our proprietary AI-powered Meal Planner makes getting all your meals for your next backpacking trip a breeze. Just enter a few preferences and in minutes your entire trip’s meals will be selected - delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks that are custom curated to your taste. Adjust the number of days for your itinerary and in minutes all the food shopping for your next backpacking trip is done! You can accept as is, or customize each item to get exactly what you want.

No need to stop by multiple stores or carefully measure the nutritional value of all your items. We do the hard work for you and ensure your meal plan is perfectly balanced and shipped to you right away. Our meal planner works for individuals, or you can plan meals for your entire group!


  • Made to order delicious backpacking meals with balanced nutrition throughout all courses. Cook on the trail, not just-add-water.

  • A custom meal planner that lets you and your family get all your meals for your multi-day trip selected and ordered in minutes. We deliver adventure meals to your door, trailhead or at a resupply point on your thru hike.

  • Individual choices. You can select vegan, non dairy and non spicy.

  • Eco-friendly sustainable packaging wherever possible.

  • Just $1 per $100 calories - $20/day for 2,000 calories.

“Our goal at RightOnTrek is to provide A Better Trail Meal Experience to all backpackers. We've revolutionized how trail meals are made, prepared, enjoyed, planned and shared. Our head chef is a climber, backpacker, and outdoors athlete. We’re focused on creating meals that are well balanced, nutrient dense, as well as being delicious, convenient and affordable." - Victoria Livschitz, Founder of RightOnTrek.


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